Digital Forest Studio is a boutique recording, mixing and music composition facility located on a tranquil 14 acre wine farm in the heart of the Constantia Winelands, 15 minutes from Cape Town’s CBD.

The studio’s day-lit control room with breathtaking views features a pristine SSL AWS 948 mixing console, an extensive selection of boutique pre-amps and outboard gear. The facility provides an exceptional working environment that makes a clients time at Digital Forest as memorable as it is productive.

Along with a vast database of Cape Town’s best session musicians, we also have a selection of first class accommodation only minutes away. The studio offers musicians the opportunity to bring their own producers along (or use ours) to benefit from an inspiring, peaceful location that encourages creative individuals to fully realize their artistic visions and sonic aspirations.

TEAM[toggle title=”Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen – Co-Owner, Producer & Mixer” state=”closed”]

Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen developed a love for music from a young age while listening to the likes of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and The Animals. His father Peter, who also has a love for music, owned a studio where Andrew spent a lot of time while growing up – lets just say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Andrew first achieved his Diploma in audio engineering at Cape Audio College in 2002 and then moved on to SAE in Byron Bay, Australia where he achieved his Bachelor of Audio Production degree and developed a love for recording and producing music. Andrew was the first audio student to receive the staff award at SAE for outstanding achievement and contribution.

Since returning from Australia, Andrew and his brother Jeremy have built Digital Forest into what it is today. They have worked on various albums both internationally and locally including Farryl Purkiss ‘Home’, Sofa Sufi’s (UK) album ‘One’, Macstanley’s new album ‘Lucid Alive And Dreaming’, Yoav’s third album ‘Blood Vine’ and the latest Fetish (UK) album ‘Little Heart’.

This year (2014) Andrew engineered The Plastics’ new album, Al Bairre’s new EP and Neville D’s new album, he also recently embarked on a seminar with world-renowned producer Joe Barresi (Chevelle, Tool, Queen of the Stone Age, Xavier Rudd & Soundgarden to name a few) at the beautiful La Fabrique Studio in the South Of France where he added a great deal to his knowledge of production and mixing.

Andrew has also worked on numerous television/cinema commercials for clients such as Olmeca Tequila, Toyota, Speedy, Head And Shoulders, winning a Vuka Award for best sound design and music in 2007. Before leaving for Australia, he also engineered all the audio for season 1 of ‘Cooked’, a cooking show for BBC Food.

Andrew has been training his ears for over thirteen years and has loads of experience in all aspects of sound.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Kieran Kelly (USA) (Freelance) – Producer & Mixer” state=”closed”]

Kieran Kelly was born in the French Quarter in New Orleans, raised in Flint, Michigan and deeply influenced by his music-loving parents throughout his childhood. Kieran’s mother owned an independent record store, and his musician father regularly allowed six-year old Kieran to fill the drummer position in his at-home band jam sessions. His love of music was born. Kieran moved to New York and opened The Buddy Project Studio in Astoria, Queens. Kieran is an ardent producer and engineer, and also relishes playing the drums and guitar when given the time and opportunity. Some of the albums created at The Buddy Project include Sufjan Steven’s “Illinoise”, Julia Stone’s “The Memory Machine”, Andrew Rose Gregory and The Gregory Brothers’ “The Color Red and Other Songs about the Power of Love,” and Angus & Julia Stone’s “Down The Way”

Kieran Kelly

Kieran has earned Multi Platinum records in Australia , France (Angus & Julia Stone’s “Down The Way”) and New Zealand (Midnight Youth’s “The Brave Don’t Run”) and a Gold Record in the U.S. (Better Than Ezra’s “Friction Baby”). He produced, mixed and engineered original recordings that have appeared on ABC, CBS, FX, MTV, Showtime, The Sundance Channel and NPR. Kieran is also a co-founder of Stunning Models on Display Records and was invited to speak in front of Congress in 2007 to represent independent labels in support of music web-casters with regards to web radio royalties. Kieran loves The Beatles, The Smiths, Chet Baker, Pontificating, Prince, Jimmy Carter, Nina Simone, Gustav Mahler, God, his wife, sushi and frozen burritos. Someday Kieran will also get around to releasing a follow up to his debut solo record “11 Blues and Greens”. Upcoming records Kieran will be producing are Skipper (Copenhagen), and Digby & the Lullaby (Cape Town) as well as engineering Fred Nicolaus of Department of Eagles for 4AD Records and DM Stith for Mute/Asthmatic Kitty.

[toggle title=”David Langemann (Freelance) – Producer & Mixer” state=”closed”]








[toggle title=”Brian O’Shea (Freelance) – Producer & Writer” state=”closed”]

Brian O’Shea moved to South Africa at the age of 18 from his native Scotland. Since then he has been heavily involved in the South African music scene, as a successful artist, writer and producer.

Brian has worked with the majority of South Africa’s most successful recent rock and pop acts including:

  • Qcumba Zoo (Arista), who were signed to Clive Davis’ Arista label in the US in 1997. Brian produced the debut album, and co-wrote a couple of tracks.
  • Sugardrive (Gallo), one of South Africa’s most popular rock bands in the last 5 years, have a release in Australia and played Big Day Out 2001 with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Coldplay etc. They have won two SAMA awards for Best Album and Best Single. Brian has produced abrianpicll their albums.
  • Watershed (EMI), who have sold around 100k units of their debut album, In the Meantime, since its release in April 2000, including releases in Germany and elsewhere across Northern Europe. Brian produced the whole album and co-wrote several songs.
  • Seether (Musketeer), now signed to Wind Up in the USA, with 1 gold and 2 platinum selling albums around the world from 2003 to 2010.
  • Idols (BMG) Starting In 2002 and extending through 2007 Brian extended his run of success into the pop genre with the recording of the South African Idols 1 winner Heinz Winckler’s debut album and Idols 2 winner , Anke Pietrangellie’s debut album. Both their debut singles also went platinum in South Africa. Subsequently Brian has worked with most of the Idols on their albums.

Already recognised as one of the best and most consistent producers in South Africa, Brian is always the first choice to work on big signings for the major labels . These include Arno Carstens, Louise Carver and Jesse Clegg (all gold selling albums).


[toggle title=”Jeremy Rawbone-Viljoen – Co-Owner,  Business Manager & Assistant” state=”closed”]

Jeremy is in charge of marketing & running the business, and, through picking up tips and mic’ing techniques over the years, has become the studio’s assistant engineer.

Jeremy graduated from the IMM Graduated School of Marketing and has a diploma in marketing. He’s a keen audio fan and right now his rather modest yet realistic aim is to make Digital Forest a ‘houshold’ name in South Africa’s music and recording industry. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Dian Maritz – Intern Engineer & Assistant” state=”closed”]