We added a few final overdubs to @JackalWind’s 1st single ‘People Sing’ yesterday which is dropping soon! Watch this space 💣 #albumrecording

Recorded drums, bass and African rhythm guitar yesterday for The Josh Hawks Band’s upcoming EP. Tracks are coming together nicely 👌 #EPrecording

Worked with Chris from Jackal and the Wind today. The tracks are sounding very lekker, looking forward to sharing their new tunes 👍 #albumrecording

We’ve just completed a week of recording Roger Lucey‘s upcoming album with Jonny Blundell producing and on lead guitar, Roger Bashew on bass, Barry Van Zyl & James Van Minnen on drums and Shaun Johannes on bouble bass – What a great week with great musicians. The album is now off to Jonny Blundell’s studio for finishing touches and then to Dave Langemann for mixing. Looking forward to sharing this awesome music!

Congrats to Nicky Schrire on her signing with Wild Sound Recordings who will be releasing her upcoming EP ‘An Education’ in early 2015.

‘An Education’ consists of Nicky Schrire on acoustic guitar & vocals and Ariella Caira on cello, and is a new direction that Nicky Schrire is taking with her music, having only started playing the guitar two months before recording the EP with us at DFS!

We look forward to the possibility of working with Nicky in the future!


Chloë Kiley, top eight Idols finisher last year, wrote her first song ever and decided to record & mix it with us at DFS and WOW it sounds like she’s been writing for years! Andrew recorded and mixed the track over three days and then it was sent off to 101 Mastering in the US. Congrats to Chloë and Matt on a great track and we hope to work with you again in the future.

We gradually recorded Neville D’s new album ‘Beauty Of Difference’ over a period of 6 months in 2013/2014. All drums, bass, guitars and keys were tracked at Digital Forest and a portion of the vocals were also recorded with us. Congrats to Neville on producing a great album, we really enjoyed working with Neville and his team on this album and we look forward to working with him in the future!

Two years after releasing their much anticipated 5th studio album which was recorded with us at DFS, Fetish have brought out a new music video for their album title song “Little Heart”. The music video is their 3rd music vid brought out from their new album and was shot & edited by drummer of the band, Ross Campbell. Check it out here!

Andrew Mixes With The Masters…

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Andrew is off to Mix With The Masters at the awesome Studios La Fabrique in the South of France this Wednesday (02/10/2013). He was lucky enough to be chosen to spend a week with legendary producer, Joe Barresi, who has produced, engineered and/or mixed for the likes of Chevelle, Wolfmother, Xavier Rudd, Soundgarden & Skunk Anansie, to name a few. The seminar is designed to give recording & mixing engineers the chance to learn from A-List producers, engineers & mixers and improve their skills in music production. Good luck to Andrew and we look forward to putting his newly acquired skills to use when he returns.

audiogear_it_mix_with_the_masters_barresi 2