Short Film, Minesh...

Minesh is a film by Shalin Sirkar of Chalia Films that highlights the psychological difficulties of children who are exposed to domestic violence.

In April this year we spent the month working with Shalin on sound design, foley, final mix and 5.1 cinema mix for her short film. The film is a silent film, hence there is no dialogue, making it a bit more of a challenge as all the emotions of the film are portrayed through the child’s surroundings. The film was selected for the 70th Venice Film Festival where it was screened to a full house and word on the street is that it got a very positive response.

Congrats to writer & director Shalin Sirkar on her achievement, we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Watch the teaser of the film above.

Andrew had Robin Smith (voice of ISUZU) and Steele Stride Productions in the studio last month doing the voice-over and final mix for the latest ISUZU Fleetside KB 250 Single Cab bakkie online ad. We look forward to working with ISUZU in the future!

In May this year Blair Taberer approached us seeking advice on recording his debut EP as he was wanting to take his music career to the next level.

Over the course of July 2013 we worked on three and a half tracks with Blair, of which, one track was produced by Chris Tuck, and the other two-and-a-half done by legendary SA producer – Brian O’Shea. Most of the time was spent helping Blair find his sound, so the style of music was changing all the time, eventually coming up with a One Republic’ey vibe.

After the month spent at DFS, Blair left for Nashville USA to work with Jeff Pardo and complete his EP. We look forward to the possibility of working with Blair again in the future and also sharing his EP!

Recording Falling Mirror – ‘Fresh Spread’…


Earlier this year we had the privilege of recording legendary SA rock group, Falling Mirror. In just three days the band managed to lay down four great tracks – Crippled Messiah, Time Is A Thief, Johnny Calls The Chemist and Revolver Wolf, of which, all were tracked completely live. The tracks were produced and mixed by Dave Langemann and engineered by Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen. It was great to work with these SA legends and we hope to work with them again in the near future.


Farryl Purkiss Records His New Album ‘Home’ at Digital Forest…

What started off as a Facebook message to Farryl, soon turned into the birth of his third studio album, ‘Home’. With US based producer Kieran Kelly (Angus & Julia Stone, Better Than Ezra) producing, Barry Van Zyl (Johnny Clegg) on drums, Sean Ou Tim (Mr Sakitumi) on bass, Yulia Purkiss on percussion & BV’s and of course Farryl on vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, we knew that we had a great team and that another excellent album was in the making.


After Farryl replied to our Facebook message, we set up a meeting with him to discuss his vision for the album and listen to the demo’s he had recorded on his iPad. We instantly liked the evolution of Farryl’s new material and also learned that recording demo’s on an iPad doesn’t sound half bad! Soon Farryl had put his band together, Kieran had arrived from New York, pre-production was underway at his house on the farm next door and a few weeks after listening to the demo’s for the first time, we were turning them into great sounding tracks.

All drums, bass, guitars (including banjo) and vocals were recorded at Digital Forest Studio over a period of three weeks. Kieran Kelly then took the tracks back to the US where he added strings (by Bon Iver’s string section), piano and mixed the album at his New York based studio – The Buddy Project.

We are delighted with the outcome of ‘Home’, we wish Farryl the best of luck with it and look forward to the possibility of working with him again in the future!

Farryl Purkiss song hits international big screen:

Yoav Records His Third Album At Digital Forest…

Yoav is a singer-songwriter of Israeli-Romanian decent who was raised in Cape Town, South Africa. After the release of his debut album ‘Charmed And Strange’ in 2008, Yoav has earned a few high profile credits to his name including a North American tour supporting Tori Amos, playing some of the biggest music festivals around the world and achieving numerous radio hits in Europe, Russia, Canada and the US. He also featured in the Hollywood movie ‘Suckerpunch’ where his cover of The Pixies – ‘Where Is My Mind’ featuring actress Emily Browning was the main soundtrack for the movie.

We started tracking a few demo’s with Yoav in November, 2011. Yoav was originally only going to record eight demo’s with us and have them produced overseas, but a few demo’s soon became a full length album and Yoav’s third studio album ‘Blood Vine’ was born. The album was recorded and mixed at Digital Forest over a period of nine months and is the longest, most intense album we have done to date.’Blood Vine’ is the first full length album to be mixed on our new mixing desk and has been nominated for best alternative album at the 2013 SAMA awards.We had a great time working on this album and are proud of the outcome that Yoav, Chris and Andrew achieved.

We look forward to the possibility of working with Yoav in the future.

Follow the link to read about Yoav’s journey through the making of his new record ‘Blood Vine’-


SSL AWS 948 Mixing Desk Lands In Africa…

Solid State Logic (SSL) is arguably the leading audio desk manufacturer on the planet and are renown for their big, clean and powerful sound. The company is owned by Peter Gabriel, lead vocalist and flautist for progressive rock group Genesis.

The decision of which desk best suited our clients juggled our minds for over a year as we were looking for the best sounding analog desk with the quickest turnaround time, in order to assure absolutely no time wasting on jobs. We decided to choose the SSL AWS 948 and at the beginning of 2012 our new mixing console arrived from the SSL headquarters in Oxford, England. SSL mixing consoles produce a phenomenal international sound and can be found in many of the top music producers studio’s around the World. There are only +60 SSL AWS 948’s worldwide and Digital Forest have the only AWS 948 in Africa. Below is a Google Maps image of all the SSL mixing desks scattered around the world.


We think Allen Farmelo ( explains the SSL AWS range extremely well in the snippet below taken from Tape Op Magazine’s website. For Allen Farmelo’s full article please see link at the bottom.

“A console review can be rather involved, so let me just say up front that I think the SSL AWS consoles are absolutely excellent. The sound is enormous, clear and strong; the functionality offers up what is without a doubt the most sophisticated, yet intuitive, way to work in a hybrid digital- analog system; and the size, ergonomics and general vibe of these consoles make for what is probably the most intelligent and forward-looking desks on the market.

The sound of the AWS is very SSL, and particularly is derived from the 9000 K, which is known for its headroom and clear, full-range sound. These consoles are big on analog mojo, but not the kind where you push into the mix bus and get a harmonic halo like on a Neve. Rather, these consoles have tons of headroom and remain clear and focused as you push levels hotter and hotter. The analog mojo is the kind that delivers a rock solid and deep bass footprint, crystal clear highs, and a very articulate midrange while never sounding harsh. Further, the AWS 900 series presents an incredibly wide and deep sound stage that has made SSLs the choice of so many mixers to this day. In short, the AWS sounds huge and powerful like a big SSL.” – Allen Farmelo,