The Plastics
  • Album recorded by Andrew Rawbone-Viljoen at Digital Forest Studio & Openroom Productions
  • Assisted by Jeremy Rawbone-Viljoen
  • Produced & mixed by Shai Caleb Hirschson in Germany
  • Mastered by Ross Finck at Fin Mastering.





The album recording process started off with us at DFS where we recorded drums, bass and guitars, it then went to Joburg where production ideas and additional recordings were worked on by Darryl Torr at Openroom Productions.

“The Plastics began in 2008 as an evolution of punk band, Hoax. It’s now its own thing. Completely.
The band has been likened to a lot of things, worked with a lot of people and made a lot of friends.
Words to describe their music, experiences and work ethic include “innovative”, “Earl Grey”, “guerrilla”, “disco SOMETHING”, “retro rock” and “melody”, amongst others. That’s not a joke.” – The Plastics website.